Vendor Spotlight: Raven + Lily

17 Nov
Raven + Lily is a non-profit studio dedicated to empowering marginalized women through design partnerships and micro-enterprise opportunities. Raven + Lily supports women’s empowerment programs that comply with fair trade standards and provides design focused micro-enterprise training.  Proceeds from all products help create jobs for more women and also contribute to community development.


Vendor Spotlight: Sustainable Kids Brand

16 Nov

Sustainable Kids is an eco-friendly, globally responsible brand with an edge. The company embodies kids of the future who want to do right by the earth, feel good about what they’re wearing and not sacrifice an ounce of style. Sustainable Kids allows kids to make positive choices about their personal attire and let others know they mean business. The collection is for boys and girls, ages 2-14. All dyes are GOTS-certified. The collection is manufactured entirely in the USA and uses only organic cottons, recycled yarns and hemp blends. Screen printing inks are lead and phthalate- free. Even its labels and hangtags are made from recycled materials.

The company’s core belief is that “Every effort, no matter how small, achieves positive change.” They encourage kids to act on their innate love for the earth by making positive lifestyle choices and by helping others in need. Kids can practice their global awareness through the company’s Gift-that-Gives-Back program that allows kids to make simple donations to their school program in Haiti.

Vendor Spotlight: Crow’s Cloth

16 Nov

Crow’s Cloth is a unique clothing and accessories line, hand made, piece by piece at home in owner, Doriandra Smith’s, dangerously cluttered sewing room. Her quality fabrics come from industry cast offs, discontinued materials, roll ends – basically the best detritus of the huge and often wasteful world of textiles. For 13 years, her work has been creeping across the world into numerous art galleries, retail venues and music events such as Lolapalooza and Peter Gabriel’s, World of Music and Dance.

Vendor Spotlight: Chocolatl

14 Nov
Chocolatl was created by Deanna Moore’s passion for ecological sustainability and holistic health.  Her ideas for creating a superfood cacao treat were inspired by her travels to fair trade cacao cooperatives, family farms and tropical permaculture sites in Ghana, Hawaii, India, and Ecuador where she observed and learned methods of growing, processing and preparing chocolate, from seed to mouth.  Each batch of Chocoatl is mixed, poured and packaged by hand, plus their boxed chocolate packaging is made from post consumer recycled material and is 100% biodegradeable.  With each bite of Chocolatl the creators hope to awaken the spirit, revitalize the body, illuminated the soul and regenerate the earth.

Vendor Spotlight: Kohana Skin

14 Nov

Kohana Skin was born out of love for the beautiful tropical islands of Hawaii and a very personal need for quality, organic skin care products. Christie Wanlass and her family began visiting the Hawaiian islands more than twenty years ago and it was love at first sight. In dealing with severe eczema her entire life, Christie was continuously looking for effective skin care products that would moisturize and heal her dry and cracked skin. Upon her first visit to the island of Kauai, her skin responded to the sun, the humidity and the minerals of the deep blue Hawaiian waters of the Pacific. Christie noticed that her skin felt healthier and deeply moisturized by the natural elements.

After several years of visiting the islands and armed with over 20 years in the medical field, Christie began experimenting with some of the tropical oils and butters on her own skin. For the first time, she found dry skin relief and improvement in her life-long eczema when making simple salves formulated with kukui nut oil and mango butter. These simple experimentations have evolved over five years into what is now Kohana Skin, a line of luxury spa products formulated to nourish, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin.

Vendor Spotlight: Nirve Bicycles

11 Nov

Did you know that riding a bike just 30 miles a week instead of driving your car saves over 1000 pounds of CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere? Now imagine if everyone on the planet did that! I know it may not be feasible for some to make this change, but here in Orange County, where everything is so accessible, we really have no excuse.

Nirve Bicycles will be on hand at The Inspired Buyer with a huge array of their quality, handmade bicycles. Although they specialize in cruisers, Nirve also manufactures commuter bikes to help you on your ride to work. Based in Huntington Beach, the company has been around since 1999, crafting great looking, premium bicycles of all shapes and sizes.

Preserve the earth and get some exercise – ride a bike! Come check ’em out next weekend at The Inspired Buyer!

Vendor Spotlight: Earthroots Field School

10 Nov

Not only is Earthroots Field School joining us as a vendor, but Jodi Levine, executive director of the non-profit, will also be leading our activities for kids throughout the day. Allow your children to learn more about the eco systems of our local climate while also having fun, by participating in a nature inspired scavenger hunt. Art activities, like making seed balls, acorn necklaces, and dream catchers, will also be happening throughout the day.

A little background on this inspiring school….Earthroots is a non profit education organization, offering creative learning environments that nurture the whole person and their connection with the natural world. They offer classes year round for toddlers, homeschoolers, teens, adults, private and public schools and summer camps. Outdoor “classrooms” include local organic farms, gardens, wilderness parks, green kitchens, beaches, creeks and more. The school is an exploration of our natural world and extends into our connection with all things. Orange County programs meet at new locations each week, ranging from San Clemente to Huntington Beach and east into the Santa Ana Mountains. Each year, Earthroots also travels out of our region for family camping trips & adventure.